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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to apply for the examination?

Applicants must complete the application form that may be downloaded from this site in a portable document format (pdf) version. A complete Application Package should be mailed or sent to Rm. 937, 9th floor, Medical Arts Building, St. Luke’s Medical Center, 32nd St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, on or before the specified postmark deadline date to be eligible for review by the Credentials Committee. The applicants must complete the Examination Application carefully, legibly, and accurately. The information provided in the application, and all required accompanying documents, will be used by the PBPM to determine eligibility to sit for the examination. (Click the highlighted application form to download the file)

Q2. When is the deadline of submission of requirements?


Q3. How can I know if I'm eligible or not?

1. The Applicant must have unrestricted license to practice Medicine in the Philippines, as
demonstrated by a current or updated PRC license.

2. The Applicant must hold a current and valid board certification in any of the following
primary medical specialties: Anesthesiology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Rehabilitation
Medicine, Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, Medical Oncology, Pediatrics,
Neurosurgery, and Orthopedic Surgery.

3. The Applicant must submit documentation of fellowship training in Pain Medicine of at
least twenty-four (24) months duration in a recognized training institution.

4. The Applicant who has undergone one year fellowship training in Pain Medicine in any
recognized overseas training program must complete additional twelve (12) months
fellowship training in any recognized local pain management center.

5. The Applicant must be engaged in the clinical practice of Pain Medicine on a substantial
basis for the past twenty-four (24) months from the date of submission of application for
the PBPM Certification Examination.

6. The Applicant must have completed a minimum of fifty (50) Continuing Medical
Education (CME) units relevant to Pain Medicine from any accredited CME provider
within the past 24 months. Time in a Pain Medicine fellowship training program can be
counted toward the CME requirement if the fellowship training was successfully
completed within 24 months to the date of application.

7. The Applicant must submit at least two (2) letters of recommendation/ character
references that will attest to the current nature and scope of the applicant’s practice in
Pain Medicine and adherence to ethical and professional standards. These
recommendations may be obtained from physicians who:

     a. Practice Pain Medicine within the Applicant’s clinic/department/facility
     b. Practice outside of the Applicant’s clinic/department/facility
     c. Were Training Officers/Department Chair or Center head of the pain management

     facility during the Applicant’s fellowship training in Pain Medicine

8. The Applicant must be a member in good standing of the:
     a. Philippine Medical Association (PMA)
     b. Primary specialty society in the Philippines
     c. Pain Society of the Philippines (PSP)
     d. International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP).

Q4. How much does the examination fee costs?

The examination costs P 15, 000.00.

Q5. What is the application package and what should it contains?

The application package is the set of requirements an eligible pain medicine specialist must submit which should contains:

1. Checklist of documents and forms submitted (to be checked and signed by the Applicant
and the PBPM executive secretary)
2. Completed Application form with valid email address and telephone/mobile number
3. Two (2) recent (within the past 3 months from the date of submission) passport sized
photographs with the applicant’s signature in ink at the bottom front
4. Photocopy of current and valid PRC ID card
5. Certified true copy of board certification in primary medical specialty
6. Certified true copy of certificate of completion of fellowship training in Pain Medicine with
the exact duration of training indicated in the certificate
7. Photocopy of certificates of attendance in Pain Medicine-related CME activities within
the past 24 months
8. Two (2) letters of recommendation as specified in the section on Eligibility Requirements
9. Certification of membership in good standing of the PMA, primary specialty society in the
Philippines, PSP and the IASP

Q6. Where should be the application package be submitted? How about the examination fee?

The complete Application Package should be submitted and the examination fee should be paid directly at the:

Rm. 937, 9th floor, Medical Arts Building, St. Luke’s Medical Center,
32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Q7. How would I know if I'm qualified to take the examination?

The PBPM Credentials Committee will only review COMPLETE Application Packages that are legible, clear, unambiguous, and accurate. After an initial review of an Application Package, each Applicant will receive a notice of confirmation or verification by email from the PBPM Office.

Q8. May I appeal for a reconsideration?

Any Applicant who, in the judgment of the Credentials Committee, does not meet the eligibility requirements may petition for reconsideration by filing an appeal within 14 working days after date of receipt of the letter from the Credentials Committee. The appeal submitted by the Applicant shall not include any material that was not submitted to and reviewed by the Credentials Committee, unless supplemental information was requested by the Credentials Committee.

Q9. I have inquiries. Where could I reach you at?

For further details, please email us at:

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