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     As part of its mission to elevate the practice of pain medicine and improve care quality in the Philippines, the Philippine Board of Pain Medicine, Inc. (PBPMI) Accreditation Committee recently conducted a series of visits to its Accredited Pain Management and Pain Medicine Training Units for re-accreditation. The visits were conducted to ensure that the institutions continue to meet the PBPMI's standards for pain management and pain medicine training. The Accreditation Committee evaluated the institutions' compliance with the PBPMI's criteria for infrastructure, staff and faculty qualifications, training program, patient care, research, and community service. The re-accreditation process is part of PBPMI's commitment to promoting excellence in pain management and pain medicine education and practice in the Philippines. The PBPMI Accreditation Committee's efforts are crucial in ensuring that patients in the country receive quality care from qualified professionals.

St. Luke's Medical Center - Global City │ August 23, 2022

St. Luke's Medical Center - Quezon City │ August 25, 2022

Manila Doctors Hospital │ September 01, 2022

The Medical City │ September 14, 2022

The Medical CIty Accreditation 2022.jpg

U.P. - Philippine General Hospital │ November 18, 2022

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